Saturday, February 16, 2008

Computer & Networking News and Reviews: Remote Support Software Solution

Computer & Networking News and Reviews: Remote Support Software Solution

Gotoassist express is still in beta. This solution for computer remote support software is looking to be a good product for PC remote support. One of the problems encountered with gotoassist the full version was the high price for the online application. It truly had all the features tech support could need but the price was in many instances cost prohibitive.

Citrix Online has created a scaled down but effective version of their application for remote support and have users signing up to beta test the application before its final release. The bugs are being worked out and they'll surely have a nice product that will enable technical support department, help-desks and other computer and application support specialists to get remote access through their PC remote control software.

LiveMeeting is another great application for remote control, online desktop remote support and conferencing and it too has a high price tag but is definitely in the elite category for remote control and PC remote support. It's main intent is for conferencing and collaboration just as Citrix's gotomeeting has both features for collaboration and conferencing and does them well. Innate with the architecture is remote control land that enables remote support. Removing the collaboration or watering it down somewhat to leave the main aspect that's in greater demand at times is the ability to remote control the desktop that's connected. Both support software applications have the ability to select only applications to share to the viewer, they bot also have the option for share the entire desktop remote desktop remote support. PC remote support software is a secondary aspect of the full blown products and are in high demand by information technology and systems integrators.

Web based desktop remote support software doesn't have to cost an exorbitant amount of money and as Citrix has learned it seems, all the features in the world won't help sell the product if it's just too out of range for small budgets. Livemeeting too costs a lot of money and is mostly used by larger support companies and software application developer companies that have the financial flexibility to afford online PC remote support applications in their price range. I suspect that Microsoft too will introduce a smaller version of their product intended for web based remote desktop support and not the full blown collaboration and conferencing application.

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