Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Remote PC Control over the Web

Remote pc control on the web is prevelent in almost every company. There a various uses of remote pc control through the internet. One of the uses that are most prevelent is where a computer user is at another office or location and accesses their desktop system at the office to work as if they were sitting right in front of it. This allows for a mobile work force and in many cases a dispersed work force as this permits employees to work from home during inclement wheather of even as some employers do hire marketing, temp, or part-time eployees and rather than using valuable office space for them they just set them up with internet access and a pc to control remotely to work on. Another reason for or use of pc remote control over the web is for supporting users quickly. Remote control tools have always been in use by support people looking to assist users without having to go to the location the computer desktop user is residing or working from. Some of the most common software packages,like symantec pc anywhere or carbon copy, have been in use since before the internet and consisted of dial-up. With the emmergence of the internet as the largest netowrk in the world, the reach and speed of remote support sessions has surpassed all expectations that were previous ly thought. The dial-up barrier has been broken long aago and more tools are available for assisting remote computer users with speed and efficiency to match.

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