Saturday, April 29, 2006

RDP falls short for over the web pc remote control accses

PC Remote Control on the Web

supports system more effectively and efficiently can simply be achieved using pc remote control on the web. The end user and computer desktop could be located anywhere in the world and by simply access the computer with pc remote control software can give a support engineer quick access to resolve the problem saving lengthy traveling time or frustrating telephone calls trying to talk an average user though screens and command to diagnose. Although Microsoft's rdp is a valuable tool for computer remote control, it has it's limitations when used over the web.

PC Remote Control over the Web

RDP is a valuable tool for supporting computer systems and is best used on the lcoal area network or a closed corporate or enterprise wide area network. It's limitation over the web stems from the need to establish an inbount session to the remote desktop requires modifications to the router or firewall at the far end prior to attempting to connect. PC remote control over the web can be achieved without limitation by using support tools that download to the remote computer by the end users initiation then the software is configured, or obtains its configuration, to connect outbound from the remote network to the support technician.


Microsoft Support Engineer said...

My company uses Microsoft Remote Desktop connection all the time to remotely access servers and some desktops. We have other tools for PC remote control on the web. One of the most useful features or remote support software in general is the ability to access and remotely control computers on the web .The computer desktop that is having an issue needs most often to require internet connection At one time this was also a problem because of unreliable or slow connections . During these instances , remote access and remote control on the web for PC remote support was more difficult. Because of less reliable connections,. there would be frequent drops in the connection which of course in turn required reconnecting to the remote computer desktop or server again to continue troubleshooting the issues. The issues many times would be easy and simple enough to fix in minutes when on-site or even remotely with the proper connection. With PC remote control on the web for desktop remote support, a minor issue could take longer to correct. More so, if the issue was a simple software configuration change, the connections dropping impeded speedy and expedited corrections. Now with internet speeds being much greater and the reliability having improved so much and even extent to mobile platforms and smartphone with 4G access to the web, it has become much more simpler to remotely access and remote control devices on the web to provide remote assistance. RDP is an invaluable tool for accessing remote computer desktops and servers. We us it more for servers because generally, there is no need to the user to be looking on during the time the troubleshooting is taking place. With desktop support, we prefer to have the users be able to also view the screen and participate in the active session. With RDP, Microsoft Remote desktop connection, the users at the desktop cannot view the session during the time we are remotely access the the system.

GG128 said...

e find rdp from Microsoft very useful but it is understandably missing the screen-sharing effect of other PC remote control over the web software. Wit screen-sharing remote assistance, it is most useful when the user can see and interact with the remote control session. This is useful to be able to ask questions and work with the user to solve the issue and for testing. We like to test our solutions with the client still connected to the Remote desktop control session. PC remote control over the web using RDP is also a little different than standard remote support software services and applications. For connection to occur, the technical support side has to initiate the connection to the desktop computer. The desktop computer as we now is operating on a different disparate network. The network will have its own firewall to protest it and its own policy for security. For a remote connection to occur for remote technical assistance, the connection has to pass through the firewall and go into the remote network. This specific action and configuration requires some firewall configuration to occur before remote desktop control over the for remote assistance can occur successfully.