Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Software for PC remote control on the web

PC Remote Control Software

Providing tech support in a quick effective manner is possible by using remote pc control software on the web. Ordinary software for pc remote control on a network sometimes falls short when it comes to remote controlling system's over the web. One Of the barriers that prevents traditional software from successfully accomplishing the task of accessing the remote pc is the need to establish an inbound network connection to the desktop. One of the features of remote support solutions is that they overcome the common barrier. These packages are specially designed to meet the needs of helpdesks and tech support departments that are trying to reach users anywhere beside their own network to provide remote desktop support. Desktop users need a simple method to trigger on-demand pc remote control software. If the steps requried are too may, confusing, include pop-ups or other decision requiring options, the system will not work as effectively. Microsoft's RDP is a good reliable protocol for desktop remote control. It however falls into the catagory of a LAN or private wan support product since if an attempt to use it over the internet was made without first reconfiguring the remote device, it would fail.

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RudeAwakening said...

This desktop software works great for computer support through the web. My freind tried it out and loves it.