Thursday, February 09, 2006

Enexity - Securelink

Enexity - Securelink

Found this
online pc remote support software vendor on the web. They don't have a household name like INtel but it seems there software is reaching approval by support services companies and they've scored some nice deals and contracts.

Below are a couple of excerpts from their news section that names a few of the compnaies that are using Enexity.

12.20.05 - Mediware chooses Enexity's SecureLink™ to enhance remote support and increase customer satisfaction

10.31.2005 - QuadraMed Standardizes on Enexity's SecureLink™ for remote support

09.20.2005 - i2 Technologies Uses Enexity's SecureLink™ as its Primary Remote Service and Support Solution

About Enexity

Enexity helps companies get the most out of their enterprise software applications. We designed the SecureLink™ Virtual Support Network family of products from the ground up to enable secure, remote service and support for your server based software. As a result, you get faster times to resolution with less IT involvement. Our next generation security features keep you in control and you will appreciate the reporting and monitoring capabilities. More secure, more effective... get more out of your enterprise software with Enexity’s SecureLink VSNs.


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Jack Reed said...

Great post. Enexity is a great company with really good products. I've been using their services for remote access and control of computers for several years now.